NetSec Intro

This section will cover some principles of securing your network. I couldn’t possibly cover every aspect of network security here, because this is a very in-depth subject all on its own. There are people in the cybersecurity field that cover just the networking aspect of it because there’s so much depth. To give you an idea of how expansive networking is, I could write 100 pages for this section and just scratch the surface. I’ll give you enough to work with to help you plug some of the big security concerns.

There’s some really important areas to pay attention to in networking. This is going to be your first layer of defense against any attackers, and if your network is compromised, the devices on it should be considered compromised as well. When you start going through these sections, some of how this is done will become more clear.

Some of the content in this section ties into other sections of the site, like the hardware and software considerations and the hardening manuals. For example, I cover encrypted DNS here and then more in-depth about how to set it up for the different operating systems. There is also a section here talking about router selection and why this is a critical area, which is also tied together with the hardware and software considerations. This section is pretty much like the rest of the cybersecurity info on the site in that much of it is tied together.

I’ll cover the more important topics that a home user should know about, to include intrusion prevention systems (IPS), virtual private networks (VPN), encrypted DNS, firewalls, routers, browsers, and a later date, will also have build and configuration guides for OPNsense and pfSense. If you think something really important is missing from here, please send me a DM on Twitter or add a comment on one of my YouTube videos letting me know.